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Activate Your Power with Coaching, Consulting and Event Planning with Anika, Activation Ambassador for Life, Business Events

Your Voice is the Most Powerful Weapon that you possess.
Never Silence Your Power.....
Activate to Reach Ultimate Freedom

- Your Voice; Your Power with Anika
Linda M. Clay
Linda M. ClayHeartfelt Business Life Village

Being on Anika's podcast has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Her knowledge, energy and her message come through in the thoughtful questions she asks. Her ability to spark great conversation, which is provocative and meaningful and her genuine caring nature makes this one of the top podcasts everyone should listen too. I am so thankful we connected and are building a collaboration!

Sacheen Mobey
Sacheen MobeyDivorce Coach and More

A phenomenal interviewing experience! Anika is a true force for women's empowerment and really provides an amazing platform to share your vision and your purpose. If she asks, say yes to her show!

Randi Bryant
Randi BryantOwner, Lead Crafter at Mickyann

Anika is a kind and generous support of woman! She makes you feel welcome and heard as a guest on her podcast.

I will gladly spend a half or more chatting with her anytime she asks.

Nasira Jamal
Nasira JamalLife Reset Academy

A heartfelt thanks to Anika Wilson for having me on her show. Anika works from the heart..Her passion is to help others and she has given me such a wonderful opportunity to help grow my business..A true inspiration in creating a space where we can help each other be better versions of ourselves.
Thank you so much!

Activation Ambassador

Activate the Warrior in You.
In Life, Business or Events, I Strategize Your Life in a way that allows you to use your gifts to maximize your quality of life and level of Success...

Activation Ambassador

Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

Lift Your Voice and Speak Your Truth on this Amazing Podcast that breaks barriers and Soundwaves

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Your Voice; Your Power with Anika

Women of Impact Conference Series 2019

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Women of Impact Conference Series 2019

Life U Imagined Interview

“The Voice” Life Coach/Advocate/Strategist/Conqueror

Women of Impact Conference Series 2019

Your Voice: Your Power with Anika

Woman of Impact Conference Series

March 15 &16, 2019 Prattville, Alabama May 3 & 4, 2019 Atlanta, Georgia


Activate with Anika