Anika knows from her many years as a business mentor that success comes from within. Personal and professional growth are the key to a productive streamline business and a happy personal life. Through her transformational coaching, Anika will work with you to uncover subconscious roadblocks, develop your leadership skills, find true happiness, create the success habits that produce results, and learn the business skills to skyrocket your brand!

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Taking your business from where it is to where you want it to be can feel like a daunting process. Anika and her team are here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and help you fast-track your way to success, so your big vision comes to life. With many years of experience in the business world, Anika has the know-how and the driving force to take your ideas and show you the way to make it happen.

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Relationship Building
In business connections are everything. As a long-time business woman and entrepreneur, Anika has built relationships with industry professionals in a wide-variety of fields. Her connections and expertise will connect you and your brand with the right industry leaders to launch your PR campaign quickly and effectively.

Brand Management
Defining your brand is a critical and often overlooked element in growing your business. Anika with her skilled team of graphic designers, copywriter’s, and publicists, will help you to craft a staple brand. Brand recognition is the key to optimal exposure and customer relatability, which ultimately, lends itself to increasing your bottom line and getting your message out to the world.

Getting you and your brand in front of the right audience. Anika and her skilled PR team will help to define your niche market and get your brand in front of them. Using a variety of outlets, including social media, traditional media, speaking engagements, among others, the reach of your brand exposure will be wide-spread.

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Live in-person and online events offer the ability to extend the reach of your brand, by bringing massive exposure to it. These events give you the opportunity to reach a larger audience, educate and empower your community, network, and ultimately grow your brand. While events are a fun and extremely effective business tool, they can be complex to coordinate, which is where Anika and her experienced team come in to handle all of the minute details, so your event goes off without a hitch!

Looking for a Sponsorship Opportunity?

The Women of Impact Conference series offers an incredible sponsorship opportunity with extraordinary returns. Women are involved in all elements of business, in addition to being the head of household spending, making them the number one factor in consumer trends.

When you become a Women of Impact Conference Series Sponsor, you…

* Get Your Brand in Front of Over 2000 Women in Attendance of WOI
* Have Excellent Networking Opportunities
* Reach industry professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Veteran Spouses, and Business Professionals.

With many options for sponsorship available, we can find the right package for your brand to give you optimal exposure.

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The Your Voice Your Power podcast, hosting by Anika Wilson, is a real raw look at the hard discussions. With a wide-variety of discussion topics, ranging from person trauma to faith, business to personal growth, and struggle to success, this platform is a place to find healing, inspiration, and motivation. Subscribe today to get updated when our newest podcasts go live.

Want to be a Guest on Our Podcast?

Being a podcast guest is a great way to:

* Gain Brand Exposure
* Drive traffic to Your Website
* Connect to a Wider Audience

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Through NBG’s Greater Connection, Anika connects like-minded entrepreneurs to create explosive business growth. Bringing you the knowledge and insight from industry leaders in powerful sessions, which have been designed just for you! These visionaries come together in powerful mastermind sessions to provide techniques and ideas for advancing business.