Nobody Greater LLC is an International- Multi-Service Agency


We specialize in Personal and Professional Development to Help You Excel In Your Business and your Life.

If you…

…Own a Business
…Are in Leadership
…Wish to Pursue a Degree
…Want to Plan an Event


…Need Public RelationsNobody Greater can help!

Lead by business mogul, Anika Wilson, NBG has developed a team of professionals that range from therapists, case managers, coaches, graphic designers, program managers and energy specialists that Coach and Consult daily to meet your needs and take you to the next level of success.


Anika Wilson


Anika Wilson has always been a trailblazer, a woman before her time. Her passion of advocacy began at the age of 14, she became a Date Rape Advocate in the community of Gainesville, Florida with the Corner Drug Store. Leadership was a calling in college as she served as the president of two Criminal Justice professional fraternal organizations. As adversity continued to consume her, she committed to pursuing a career in law enforcement. She promoted rapidly in the Florida Department of Corrections finding that she wanted to do more. Mental health was a topic that continued to affect her family so she decided to pursue her career and education in Psychology. After working for 20 years in social services, mental health and counseling, she created Nobody Greater, LLC. She strives to help others pursue healing, passion and purpose in business, life and events. Advocating for others and teaching them to “Turn Your Pain Into Power” is her Calling, not her job!

Her education, tests, and testimonies are unique and PowerFilled.

Understanding the complexities of life, love, pain, hardship and lack of resources, Anika wants to ensure that no one suffers in silence, no one is left behind and no one is lost in the shuffle of life…….

At Nobody Greater, you never Walk Alone.

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Linda uses the tools and framework she developed to help working moms and corporate women who want a change and are ready to find their purpose so they can create more time, more income, and more impact while living life on their terms.

After 25 years in the profit and non-profit sectors, Linda now has a faithful community of over 42,000 followers. She is a speaker and co-author of Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear. She’s the Chairperson and a featured speaker at the 2019 Women of Impact Conference Series.

She’s been a guest on numerous podcasts such as Living Fearlessly, The Erin Strayer Show, iHeart Radio, Annie Talks, and The Business Code.

She is available to comment on topics such as life transitions, mindset, female empowerment, work/life balance, and the challenges of starting a new business.  facing challenges, and the challenges of starting a new business.

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Helping those who are questioning their spiritual identity and gifts become educated and empowered on their spiritual journey to get a deeper understanding of where they are with the use of healing modalities and connection with Divine Source.

Her services include: Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Altar Setup, Online Group Spiritual Readings, Home & Office Spiritual Energy Cleansing, Spiritual Activation Bath and Tea Gift Set.

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Lakiesha Tucker


LaKiesha Tucker, MBA, MS, is an entrepreneur, counselor, and coach who loves God and His people.

She worked as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), a role that primarily entails monitoring, collecting and verifying data in clinical trials, for over ten years.  She formed the Clinical Research Professionals Network, LLC (The CRP Network) in 2011 and worked as an Independent/Contract CRA and consultant for the past five years.

Recently, the Lord has called LaKiesha from the Independent CRA capacity and further into entrepreneurship as a coach and consultant to other entrepreneurs who want to start and grow businesses.  LaKiesha believes that entrepreneurship is one manner that God desires to use to provide resources for the advancement of His kingdom.  God has already placed many of these ideas and visions in our hearts; they simply require development and execution.  LaKiesha is called to help develop these ideas into prosperous kingdom businesses.

Her areas of focus for business consulting include: business development, operations management, business startup, financial system setup & management (for-profit and non-profit), and project management.

Her “Everyday Revelations” blog can be found on Facebook at “Be #MadeWholeInHim.” You can connect with Lakiesha at




Naima Ghori is a certified graphic designer with 4+ years of experience in specialized graphics, she enjoys working with women entrepreneurs and to help them grow their businesses.

Her major services include Communication, Creativity, Technology, Time Management, Typography, Marketing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Freelancing.

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For the past 4 years, Clare had the pleasure of working with amazing business owners and entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant. She enjoys taking on tasks that put her creative mind to work. She is definitely your go-to girl when it comes to running your business so you can focus on what’s important​.

Her services include: Social Media Management, Basic Video Editing, Content Writing, Email Management, Research, Lead Generation, Graphic Design

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