We are often given choices that aren’t opportunities, but traps. We pray for doors to open, dreams to be realized yet we disregard the signs that appear as distress signals or red flags. We discount our intuition, we make excuses for appearances that look different than what we want them to be. We sabotage situations to fit the mold of what we think our “way out” or “abundance” my be.

These are all called: masks……

People wear masks, places can be masked, opportunities can be painted and decorated; also masked.

We are given a gift called Intuition for a reason. That “gut” feeling. That warning signal, that smell, taste, sense, feeling, or fear that comes in the form other than anxious, but dangerous. That is a gift. It’s for your own good, not to be dismissed, swiped to the left, ignored or discounted. It’s designed to help you avoid the pain of disappointment, the pain of scars, the pain of displacement.

We must learn how to differentiate between what we know to be true, and what we want to be true…..

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