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Isaiah 60:1

Arise, Shine For the Light Has Come

When you see the light on Earth, all else appears to be clear. Living in darkness is overwhelming, exhausting, fearful and painful. Emotional pain can lead to physical pain. The decision to be happy, yes I said the decision will allow you to shine like never before. Oftentimes someone else see’s your shine before you realize just how bright your shine is. Don’t dimer for others. Shine bright, excel, propel and be free to feel the glow on your face.

Never look back.

About nobodygreaterllc

Nobody Greater, LLC was founded by Anika Woods due to identification of a closure in the gap of community services. After working in the community for almost twenty years through various agencies and entities, people feel helpless and powerless. The agency was developed to empower individuals and business owners to overcome barriers that prevent them from succeeding.

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