The Curation

Her journey began as a little lost girl that always felt awkward in her family, school, life and body. This continued for 14 years until when she was sexually assaulted . As a product of a single mother, the courts felt that she was expendable and sentenced the rapist to 2 years probation. This girl was completely broken, torn up, chewed up and spit out. The girl was targeted by a boy that wanted to “heal” her pain. This girl was then pregnant at 14. Struggling from the pressures of her mother “ruining her image” and trying to understand her mind and body at such a trying time led this girl to voluntarily commit herself in a hospital for two weeks. When this girl rose from the institution, she continued to get bullied, isolated and targeted by others yet she finished school with honors, got a scholarship to college and became a law enforcement officer.

Confidence continued to be an issue leading this woman down a path of toxic relationships with men, and her family. She felt used by others despite her education, professional success and determination. “Drama” seemed to be magnetic to her life. Every time she had a success, someone pulled her back. This continued for 15 years leading to chronic illness, 3 children, 2 “baby daddies”, 1 marriage & divorce and subsequent disability.

What this woman had that she could not escape is a calling on her life. When she finally surrendered, became active in her church, even after being considered a “problem” by others or “too forward or too transparent”, she continued to speak her truth, influencing others as she healed, gained her confidence, maturing into the woman that God designed her to be. As this woman evolved, she fired her boss, started a business, driving Uber to sustain her business and feed her children.

While starting this business a man from 20 years in her past resurfaced. A man that was “too good” for her then, married her, changing her perception of “them”. This caused her to re-evaluate her life, business and roles.

Armed with new information, resources and love, this woman then launched her Podcast: Your Voice; Your Power with Anika allowing others to speak their voice, find their power in their story and overcome the fear of speaking their truths.

Women of Impact Conference Series was also birthed in an effort to share Vision, Education and Resources with Other Women across the Country allowing entrepreneurs, authors, wives, mothers and experts to share their expertise and vision with women who need to be exposed to Powerful Women…

After serving the Community for 20 years as a Law Enforcement Officer, therapist and case manager, Consulting as an Activation Ambassador for Business, Life & Events makes total sense.

Women have to be willing to use their stories, pains, losses, victories, education, experience, relationships and vision as LEVERAGE!

We are armed with everything that we need to be successful, we have to believe it and USE IT FOR POWER, not PAIN!

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