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Who Are You?

When we are little kids, people ask: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some reply with “a doctor, teacher, lawyer, mommy.” but do we even know what that means? When we graduate from high school, we fear the opportunity to decide who we are supposed to be….we waited for the freedom to make decisions then we have the opportunity and freeze.

What do we do now?

This is where it goes wrong. The choices we make begin to stick with us whether they are right or wrong. Life becomes a lesson. There are choices that we make that we can not avoid at this point due to the severity of the decisions made.

For some, experimenting with drugs, sexual encounters, religion, employment opportunities and relationships. This experimental phase can last for months or years. This is often the point of no return. When reaching a point where shame becomes a norm, we are running from who we envisioned ourselves to be, who the world expects us to be and who we have the ability to be.

Exposure to people, education, training and spiritual guidance tend to mold individuals into who they are meant to be yet everyone does not experience this. If the right people, the right opportunities, the right village never reaches you, do you reach your full potential? Or are you just in the meantime.

How do you get out of the meantime?

Just Ask Anika


Don’t play without a strategy…….

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About nobodygreaterllc

Nobody Greater, LLC was founded by Anika Woods due to identification of a closure in the gap of community services. After working in the community for almost twenty years through various agencies and entities, people feel helpless and powerless. The agency was developed to empower individuals and business owners to overcome barriers that prevent them from succeeding.

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