Why Trust Anika?

Anika Woods-Wilson
Success & Transformation Coach and Adversity Fighter
Anika Woods-Wilson is a woman that once was a broken girl. Trauma, abandonment, multiple episodes and variations of abuse led to a career in Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement, Investigations, Childrens Services, Drug Counseling, Mental Health Counseling and Trauma Coaching. Spending life making sense of constant exposure to Adversity educating herself on the topics at hand. Through education, experience and grace, she became a Woman on a MISSION. Fighting Chronic Illness and Trauma led to a calling of helping others. Education: BA in Criminal Justice, MA in Clinical Psychology in 2018.
Who better than someone that Knows, Who Walks the Walk, Talks the Talk and Loves to Improve while Improving the Lives of Others…
With Education, Experience and Exposure….Elevation is Guaranteed 
Her goal is to help others work towards healing, restoration and GREATNESS.
You may succeed but if you are hollow and disengaged and on the run, then Peace is unattainable. Elevation and Mental Wellness are directly correlated and learning how to overcome and climb can change the game.
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